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Mayari Print

Mayari Print

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Art interpretation of the Tagalog and Pampangan Goddess of the Moon, War, and Revolution. In Tagalog mythology, she born from a mortal woman and Bathala, the Creator God. Her sisters are Tala, Goddess of the Stars, and Hanan, Goddess of the Dawn. 

In Pampangan mythology, Bathala went into a deep slumber which led to Mayari and Apolaki (God of the Sun and also her brother), into a battle over who will rule the Earth. They fought with bamboo clubs until Mayari lost an eye and Mayari's light dimmed. After Apolaki saw the damage he had done to his sister, they agreed to rule the earth equally. This is the origin of why the sun shines brighter than the moon.

  • Printed on matte, cardstock paper
  • Made in Los Angeles

 All artwork is © Alex Cabal
Images may not be reproduced, resold or used in any form without written consent.

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